The Bermuda Triangle Of Release

It’s that time of the year; the spring. Everyone is talking about spring releasing and cleaning whether it’s emotional, physical, or mental. One big thing I noticed in my clients who actually succeed to release is their awareness and discernment of what to release and what to hold onto. I love the old saying that the devil is in the detail. Today I am going to touch on what I call the Bermuda triangle of release. As a psychotherapist I am always invited to the heart of the human potential as well as the human shadow.

They always go hand in hand. Pain, Pride, and Projection is the deadly Bermuda triangle for anything you want to create, nurture, and/or release

Pain on its own can be dealt with in a very simple way; awareness, connection, and then release.

However when coupled with pride, we are now dealing with the monster of shame or guilt. The neuropathways in the brain are activating both self-loathing and self-alienation. Now the real work starts of bringing awareness and compassion to the deeply wounded part that the pride/ego is trying to protect.

Projection is the third arm of the Bermuda triangle; it takes place when the pain and the pride have been married secretly for way too long. I have clients who have been living with PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) for 20 – 30 years before they show up to acknowledge it, feel it, and release it. Now we are dealing with the dragon of too much pain that the human can’t hold on their own so they need to project it on others in order to survive.

“For the deep sophisticated ones out there, release with compassion, release with discernment, release with faith in yourself. We are here to support whenever you are ready.”

- Samar

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