The Art Of Snoozing Your Alarm Clock

Ifinally woke up today after snoozing my alarm clock five times. I love the clock’s snooze function. It eases me into the start of my day, as if with every snoozing I emerge from a deeper layer of sleep. Light sleepers don’t understand this art; they actually get angry for snoozing so many times as it activates their hyper sensitive nervous systems.

I wondered if I could compare the art of snoozing to the art of snoozing your creative bumpers. Let me explain. When we first awaken to our creativity in any form it may show itself, we are faced with two main bumpers: our grief and our critical voice. I’m specifically curious about the first so will only tackle grief in this article. When we first discover our creative potential and see glimpses of the iceberg, we get over excited like little children to put it in action immediately without the patience for the gestation phase and visiting the underworld. Our creativity speaks to us now! If we act on that initial impulse, of course we are faced with disappointments in the whole process and often, ourselves.

We’re hit with the reality of having this potential but not having the power to fully use it yet, and not even knowing where to start! Add to that the sadness we feel for all the time we lived without knowing that we have this creative potential. Gradually that grief begins to ease, along with the letting go of judgements and assumptions that we hold against ourselves. Only then do we understand that we need integration to enter the virgin state of creation – the state of owning the power for both conscious destruction, as well as creating from a soulful state of being. Now we are talking! That integration marks a threshold and the struggle begins. Here, you will be in the heart of the your soul fire… the fire that cleanses and allows illusions to dissolve in order for you to see your power to serve humanity.

Let us touch on the virgin energy a little bit and the journey to reach it. Virgin energy in depth psychology is the independent powerful energy that has the power to create. In order for us to claim that we have the power to create, a person is actually saying, “I have the power to access my virgin energy”.

The question becomes how do we access the virgin energy? What layers must we go through to find that powerful resource within us? (I will write details about that in another article…)

One common denominator is the struggle to find that inner voice that is yours and yours alone – cliché isn’t it? This article isn’t about the inner voice; what we’re interested in now is the struggle, the journey and the path to the inner voice.

When we are on this journey, it is essential to find people around you who are committed to this struggle themselves to reach their truth. As Rumi says, what you are seeking is seeking you. These fellow travellers will salute you for your struggle to reach your own truth – your virgin voice – and recognize the empowered struggle rather than the struggle of the victim. (Again, another article and another FB live)

It is good to remember that this journey is one of cycles, and layers as opposed to a one-time journey into your voice. It’s a snooze cycle on your alarm clock, or two or three. With each successive cycle, you become a little more alert to what’s happening, to what wants to occur; a little more awake to your day and voice. Waking up is rarely something that happens all at once but as you practice, you will become an expert in your own inner map and blue print, navigating it with more ease and less fear.

I always tell my clients or SOTs (seekers of truth) at the end of every session, “welcome to a new layer of yourself”. For we are all seekers of our own truths, and those who recognize the struggle on the journey support one another. We are here to help you wake up.

In her book I Sit Listening to the Wind, Judith Duerk writes:

“And when the time comes for each of you to lovingly help your daughter begin her inner work, let her know that we respect her struggle… that we have struggled too. And that we welcome her with a deep sense of belonging… to herself, to you, her mother, and the entire feminine realm”

Struggle well my friend!!

- Samar

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