I Dare You

At the end of 2016, we are going deeper into an end of a cycle.

Let what needs to die, die. Let yourself surrender to your darkness, your depth.

From me to you,

An end of year poem.

I dare you

Digging deep into your well

It might be scary and it doesn’t go well

Only in the beginning then it will unfold

To the most beautiful story that can ever be told

Trust your heart, trust yourself

Follow your dreams and access your wealth

Be true to the only person you have

She resides in you, deep in your being

You keep shutting her off, blaming, criticizing, pitying, and patronizing

As if this person has nowhere to go

But in fact she resides and she runs the show

You just act without a clue; why the hell I am acting that way?

It’s better to dig deep and not be the prey

Of inner cruelty that kills beauty gradually each day

Wake up, and access your truth

Let your being shine your way

Gradually and gradually each day

- Samar

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