Attention: Thought Leaders and Medicine people
Are you done being
a lone Wolf?

To all the edge walkers, alchemists of the heart and Glitchers of the matrix
The Wild, Tenacious and Fierce Leaders and Healers

#WTF Pack
There was a time to stand strong alone..
This time is over..
Now is the time to come to your pack..
To create a synergy of existence..

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“To be strong doesn’t mean to sprout muscles and flex. It means meeting one’s own luminosity without fleeing. Actively living with the wild nature in one’s own way. It means to be able to stand what we know. It means to STAND and LIVE.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Have you witnessed all the major transitions in the last two years?

All the failing and the falling of all the old systems?

Have you felt the tug of calling pulling you forward to lead more, to be seen more, to call in your people to inspire, influence, and empower for the new future?

The Future is community

The Future is collective

The Future is doing things TOGETHER

The Time to do it alone is over
The Time to feel you are ahead of your time is over
The Time to be on the fringes is over
The Time to be in the only one in the room who can see is over
The Time to be working on yourself quietly alone is over
The Time of hiding is over
The Time to be the only knowing or leader in the group is over
The Time to be the translator of what you know and how to express it to 3D beings is over
The Time to be illusioned by smoke and mirrors situations is over

But let’s not continue without recognizing how much you’ve done so far…

You walked tenaciously on a very multi-layered road to arrive here.
You have done a ton of inner work with deep commitment to your path of growth, and healing
You walked alone without any path markers or guarantees you are heading in the right direction.
You finally understood why you were born in the family you were born into.

Now is the time to be part of a community of edgewalkers and thought leaders. Now is the Time to build what is rightfully yours

“ Love doesn’t need any name, category, or definition. Love is a world in itself. Either you are in at the center or you are out yearning” #Shams Al Tabrizi.

Why NOW?

During times of major transitions in human history; the call for more of us to show up in our truth is highly needed. The time is now because there is no more time to be split between the old world 3D and new world 5D. It's the time to jump fully with two feet into the 5D world. No more distorting or contaminating our truth so that the blind can see or the deaf can hear. The time is now because;
WE ARE THE PORTALS FOR THE ANCIENT FUTURE FOR HUMANITY. We need to keep our channel pristine and integral.

Your Circle is waiting for you

What if I told you that there was a group of us waiting to meet you? Guide you?

Listen to your soul? Validate your stories? Support your re-membering?

A group of us where you can speak your truth without any distortions.

This circle of powerful and empathetic humans exists.

It’s a deeply moving and empowering group that can help you rise more into your soul power.

So WHAT DOES THE #WTF PACK Experience Look like?

This is an experiential and non linear process based on practice and re-membering

We will be walking together an ancient path to our new future

We will be making our souls our center again, again and over again

We will be working in teams supporting each other expansion

We will be coming back to our own selves after serving others over and over and over again

We will be TENACIOUSLY awakening, protecting, and FIERCELY acting on our Wild Natures

We will fully own that:

The journey starts on March 18th, 2022

If you are willing to trust YOU and the MYSTERY then this is the journey for YOU. IF you are looking for certainty and structure this is not for you.

Just look at what others are saying:

“Extremely healing and nurturing experience. Unlike any relationship I have in my daily life.”

“What I did find in Samar’s class was the gift of a safe, non-judgmental group who listens respectfully, and support me on my journey of self-REMEMBERING.”

“Samar created an interactive, fun, soulfully deep, and playful experience.”

“Samar’s presence can feel like a mini Ayahuasca journey”



Journeying together BEYOND the rational mind.

We will be deeply grounding in the non rational realm.

Soothing our minds and egos into a space where they can fully Transmute into balance with our souls and spirits.

Bringing harmony and balance to our beings after a long period of hyper active minds and rational ways of doing.

This is a very dynamic active membership where you will meet other thought leaders and medicine people from all over the world.

YES we exist and it’s time for us to come together. We will work together and in teams.


We come from all walks of life; we are all heading in the same direction

Our Values are

Thriving community
Balanced internal and external ecosystems
Supporting change
Alchemizing reality
Transmuting into higher consciousness
Aligning with our highest potential (Golden timelines)


Warriors of the heart
Explorers of our inner landscapes
Lovers of love and life itself
Leaders in the breakthrough of humanity ( because we mastered our inner leadership)


Each month we dive deep into a theme through:

#WTF Pack Ceremonies

Grounded in my ancestral medicine lineages of ancient Egypt and Sufism. These monthly ceremonies are sacred experiences of the divine – a doorway to living in harmony with spirit and principles of nature.

We start Mar 18, 2022

This Collective is by calling only.

If you know you are called
Book your interview below

“When you feel a peaceful joy, that’s when you are near truth.”


How do you know if this collective is for you?
(Skip this section if you already know you are called)

This is the origin story;

It came to me in a series of meditation visions that I will be calling in panthers and big cats. I was sitting in the middle of the forest meditating and all of a sudden many big cats started coming from the fringes of the forest. I screamed with excitement; where have you been? The big cats and myself started shapeshifting between our human form and big cat form. I ran to the edge of the forest and created an invisible gate that only allows healed big cats in.

We were connecting and communing together, playing and evolving. We were taking turns in leadership because we all can.


This community will have tiers. Right now I am calling in the First tier ONLY who are the pillars of the community. These people will be invited and feel the calling. ( I will explain more how you feel about the calling)

I have no idea when I will open new tiers and why a certain number of people per tier to be exact.

It’s inspirations or transmissions that come through that I have no control over. The only control I have is:

1- Choose how to respond.
2- Keep doing my work to keep my channel grounded and clean so I can receive inspiration and transmission.
3- Surround myself with “A” level humans who always support my becoming so I can find the courage to keep responding to those inspirations one step at a time.

So for the time being; the first tier is open to the pillars of the community members only if you feel called; contact me OR book your interview time And by called I mean; faster heart beats, goosebumps, tears, feeling of joy or excitement or a vision or a dream.

Rather than this WAIT if you don’t feel called.

The collective begins on Mar 18, 2022
Each of the Pillars of community members will be interviewed to ensure alignment.

Feeling the call yet? Book your interview

With Wild Love, Tenacious support, and Fierce devotion to YOU
#WTF Founder
Samar Shatta

- Samar