Unlocking the Wild Woman Within:
A 4-Day Retreat

Join us for a transformative journey into the depths of intuition and empowerment at our exclusive "Unlocking the Wild Woman Within" retreat. Inspired by the timeless tale of Bluebeard, this retreat is designed to help women reclaim their innate wisdom, break free from societal constraints, and embrace their wild, authentic selves.

Program Details
August 2 - 5
(Bilingual Retreat English and Arabic)

Day 1: Awakening Your IntuitioN

– Morning Session: Introduction to the Bluebeard Story and its Relevance
– Interactive Workshop: Exploring Intuition through Storytelling and Mythology
– Afternoon Session: Guided Meditation and Introspection
– Evening Ritual: Setting Intentions for the Retreat

Day 2: Confronting Your Inner Predator

– Morning Session: Understanding the “Bluebeard” Within
– Group Discussion: Identifying Deceitful Forces in Our Lives
– Creative Expression Workshop: Art Therapy and Journaling
– Evening Activity: Bonfire Circle for Sharing Stories and Insights

Day 3: Unleashing Your Creative Power

– Morning Session: Reclaiming Creativity and Innovation
– Interactive Workshop: Unlocking the Doors of Possibility
– Outdoor Excursion: Nature Walk for Inspiration and Reflection
– Evening Session: Creative Expression Showcase and Celebration

Day 4: Embracing Your Wild Womanhood

– Morning Session: Integrating Lessons Learned and Insights Gained
– Group Sharing: Personal Transformations and Breakthroughs
– Closing Ceremony: Ritual for Stepping into Wild Womanhood
– Farewell Brunch: Commemorating Our Journey Together

The price includes

4 days stay in Nuweibaa among powerful mountains on the mystical land of Sinai:  $1000

– Immerse yourself in the serene and powerful energy of Nuweibaa’s mountains.

Nourishing Meals and Snacks:  $1000

– Enjoy two meals a day and delightful snacks, crafted to revitalize your body and spirit.

Profound Circles of Deep Work:  $2000

– Participate in three deep work circles daily, totaling 12 transformative sessions designed to unlock your inner potential.

Personal Healing Sessions: $1000

– Benefit from extra 30-minute personal healing sessions, providing deep, personal renewal.

Soulful Closure Dance Circle: $800

– Conclude your journey with a soulful Closure Dance Circle, celebrating your growth and transformation.

Real VALUE is 5800$

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Location of the Retreat

Nuweibaa's landscape is a harmonious blend of rugged mountains, vast deserts, and fertile river valleys, each holding ancient secrets and natural remedies. The land's healing power is rooted in its rich history of herbal medicine and therapeutic practices passed down through generations.
The wild spirit of Nubea is palpable, with its untamed beauty and vibrant cultural heritage encouraging a deep connection to nature and a sense of boundless freedom. Visitors often find themselves rejuvenated by the tranquility of the environment and invigorated by the spirit of adventure that permeates this mystical land.


I am Samar Shatta

Founder of Well Institute

I am a licensed psychotherapist, leadership evolutionary coach, storyteller, intuitive guide, breakthrough facilitator, and an Egyptian High Priestess/Medicine Woman.

Egyptian by birth and descended from the ancient Neteru tradition, I come from the timeless lineages of Ancient Egypt and Sufism, which inform and illuminate my work with my clients and my life. I am in constant communication with the entities from my sacred traditions, which allows me to directly share their wisdom and guidance with my clients.


I am the founder and owner of Well Institute, located in Vancouver, Canada, which offers leadership consultations and healing services to clients all over the world.

I hold a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, Diploma in Value Driven Leadership Coaching, and Certification from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ Archetypal and Cross Cultural Studies Institute. In my fun time, you can find me fencing, swimming, meditating, reading, or connecting to my Ancient Egyptian ancestors through ritual and sacred ceremony.

To learn more about me, my background, and my work, visit https://wellinstitute.com/about/