Hypnotic Grace

for Warrior Women

The program is designed as a 63 Days Ceremonial Container divided into three 21 day Phases for a total of 9 Weeks.

This Ceremonial Container is for Warrior Women who dream of releasing their trauma and blockages and are ready for a new birth.

During each phase we meet 2 hours per week which is 6 hours per phase with rituals and homework to be done in between sessions.

In this program you will understand:

– Uncovering the cost of creating ourselves as reaction to the pain, lacking, and societal rules.

– Symptoms of Creation in reaction to pain.

– Integration and Application.

– Releasing the blockages and resistances in the way of our new creation of ourselves.

– Tools and Rituals for release to be used daily.

– Integration and Application.

– Re-Imagining your Royal Self with Sovereignty and Balance.

– Rituals, and Lifestyle needed to support and nurture the new part emergence. 

– Integration and Application.

Extremely healing and nurturing experience.

“I feel this experience allowed me to step into the unknown with confidence and grace. Extremely healing and nurturing experience. Unlike any relationship I have in my daily life. It made me realize the importance of self care and valuing myself as much as those that I love and care for.”

S.M. - France